How to make secure purchases over the Internet

It is increasingly common to buy online. However, you still do not see it clearly. You do not have security, nor do you know if there are risks. And as the saying goes, better the bad known … Well in this post I hope to help you clear those clouds. I’ll give you a list of tips to buy on the Internet do not scare you.

Buying online has advantages and some risks

Buying online has advantages and some risksThe advantages

  • Comfort
  • You can search and compare without having to travel a lot of business.
  • You get better offers
  • It’s fast
  • They bring you home
  • If you do not like it, you can return it
  • If they are special Christmas dates, discounts, do not go through the queues and wait.

On the other hand you have to be always careful not to take risks and avoid headaches. I’ve already told you about cybercriminals and their tricks. If you follow these tips I’m sure you’ll soon dominate the online shopping scene .

Before buying online

1. Make sure you always keep the operating system updated

Normally the automatic update function is activated, but in case of doubt check this option, since the operating systems are updated as security problems are discovered in them.

2. Of course have your antivirus and antispyware installed and updated

As I mentioned in my article about the tools to protect your computer , there are very good and free ones ..

3. Use Firewalls (Firewalls)

Win XP, Win Vista and Win 7 already include their own free Firewall and it has been improving in each version.

4. Do not trust emails with great offers and special discounts

Especially if you have not asked for anything, if you have not registered in the pages to receive offers, if the email is from an unknown person, remember this

„The cheap, it’s expensive!”

You already made the decision to buy online then

Very important

5. Do not make purchases online from a foreign computer or from an open WiFi network

Never in cybercafés, libraries or similar sites, never from the Wi-Fi networks of establishments that provide this service to their clients, as it could put your banking or financial information at risk.

In order to gain experience, I recommend buying from reputable and trusted sites such as eBay, Amazon, Fnac, Privalia, Groupon, etc.

You can also buy in other sites of course … but make sure, who is behind the page where you want to buy, that the company or person inspires you confidence.

6. Find out who you’re dealing with

Anyone (you know the good ones or the bad ones) could create a virtual store under any name.

Verify contact information make sure you can ask questions and solve problems.

If you are browsing and suddenly request your financial data on-line or via email do not answer the email or click on any link.

Companies that sell online legitimately will not ask for personal or financial information through these means.

7. Make sure of the product you are buying

Read the description of the product very carefully. Check the fine print to be sure about the status of the product you’re buying.

Be very clear about the final cost

Some companies include shipping costs, processing etc. in the price and others add it at the end when you have already decided the purchase, this usually varies the price you think you are going to pay for the products.

Do not buy in places where the form of payment is sending cash or make money transfers. Verify the return policies, purchase cancellations, dates and delivery methods.

Last call to embark and buy online!

If at the end when the product arrives you decide that it is not your satisfaction, you can return the item and get the money back? If you return the product who will pay the shipping costs ? You can find out how is your shipment going? In many places they give you a code to track your order , to control the estimated delivery dates.

Last call to embark and buy online!

Ok, you’re here, you found your offer, you verified everything and you decide to buy


8. Before making the payment, make sure that the site is a secure site


In the address bar you will have to see a closed pocket and before the web address the acronym https instead of the usual http the s at the end indicates that it is a secure site .

9. Use a credit or debit card

Advise yourself in the bank that issued it to you about your anti-fraud plans. It is better that the card you are using has a reduced credit limit , there are even cards that are only used to buy  online .

10. In case the flies … check your accounts regularly

If you notice that there is a strange transaction, contact your bank to stop that payment and change your card number. All these tips are what I follow myself (I buy a lot online and never had problems). They are also the ones I give to my students, friends and family. I hope you become an online buyer, but act with caution. Enjoy shopping online. Here you have a video with the tips so you can stay with the most important!

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